Daughters of the American Revolution

New Haven, Connecticut

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Our Patriot Ancestors

A patriot is any person who assisted in the cause for American independence from Britain, through military, civic, or patriotic service. The following is a list of patriot ancestors of current members of Mary Clap Wooster Chapter.

Barnes, Joshua Wife: Deborah Woodin
Bartram, James Wife: Hanna Morehouse
Clinton, Lawrence Wife: Elizabeth Todd
Culver, Ebenezer Wife: Elizabeth Curtis
Dickerman, Johnathan, Sr. Wife: Rebecca Bassett
Dorman, Daniel Wife: Phoebe Warner
Dunham, Simeon Wife: Abiah Phelps Tallcott
Halsey, Jeremiah Wife: Esther Parke
Kelsey, Amos Wife: Mabel Parmelee
Norton, Ebenezer, Sr. Wife: Elizabeth Baldwin
Parmelee, Hezekiah Wife: Elizabeth Cook
Reynolds, James Wife: Mehitable Blakslee
Robinson, Elias Wife: Anne Allyn
Spencer, Joel Wife: Anne Mitchell
Thatcher, John Wife: Mehitable Thompson
Trowbridge, Caleb Wife: Anna Sherman
Tuttle, Ithamar Wife: Rhoda Barnes
Walker, Simeon Wife: Mary Miner
Warner, Samuel Wife: Lydia Hitchcock
Wright, Daniel Wife: Sarah Wilkinson
Beveridge, Matthew Wife: Clarissa Cobb
Bradbury, Jabez Wife: Sarah Atkinson
Drake, David Wife: Hannah Clarke
Gould, Asa Wife: Sally Peck
Mann, Nathaniel Wife: Abigail Billings
Phinney, Edmund Wife: Elizabeth Meserve
Rodick, Daniel Wife: Betty Hamor
Sparrow, Edward Wife: Rhoda Bumpus
Stone, Solomon Wife: Mary Harmon
Beall, Samuel Wife: Eleanor
Maine District of Massachusetts
Roberts, Jonathan Wife: Elizabeth Webb
New Hampshire
Markham, William, Sr Wife: Abigail Cone Willey
New Jersey
Martin, William Wife: Margaret Brown
Smith, William Peartree Wife: Mary Bryant
Woodruff, Stephen Wife: Hannah Pangborn
New Jersey & North Carolina
Anderson, Jacob Wife: Catherine
New York
Blackman, Samuel, Jr. Wife: Abigail Wentworth
Miller, Abraham Wife: Phebe Hawxhurst
Scudder, Timothy, Sr. Wife: Mary Whitehead
Townsend, Samuel Wife: Sarah Horton
North Carolina
Morgan, James Wife: Mary Davis
Coe, Ebenezer Wife: Eunice Jagger
Humrichouse, Peter Wife: Mary Hadelman
La Rue, Jacob Wife: Anna Stauffer
Northeimer, John Wife: Anna Barbara Fuchs
Thornton, John Wife: Magdalena Witmer
Wampler, George Hans, Sr. Wife: Ann Elizabeth
Rhode Island
Wells, Randall Wife: Lois
Whaley, Joseph Wife: Waitey Holly
Speed, Joseph Wife: Ann Bignall
Zane, Elizabeth "Betty" Husband: Ephram McLaughlin

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